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Neïla, a girl of Algerian descent, lives in a housing project in the suburbs of Paris with her mother and her grandmother. She has good friends in the neighborhood, including a boyfriend named Mounir, an Uber driver. She has been a lawyer and has been enrolled at the Assas University in Paris. But her first day proves a harrowing experience. Pierre Mazard, a seasoned but controversial law professor, gives his class, poor Neïla, and in words tainted with racism. Some students complain about Mazard's attitude, which urges the President to intervene. He firmly asks the prof that he does something to redeem himself. Why not train his victim for the prestigious speech contest? Reluctant at first, Pierre is forced to accept the deal. But how will Neïla put up with the yoke of her torture? And how will Mazard refrain from taking ...
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